Welcome to Coupar Angus Medical Centre

Annual Flu Vaccination

The flu vaccine is now available in the practice. These vaccinations are recommended for the following groups; Everyone over 65 years, 'at risk' people of all ages with asthma, chronic heart disease, chronic liver disease, COPD, diabetes, peripheral arterial disease or those who are immuno-comprised, as well as the morbidly obese (people with a BMI>40). Any person who is the main carer for someone with a long-term condition and pregnant women. Children aged 2-5 years are eligible for protection against flu via the intra-nasal vaccine Fluenz  Children who missed the scheduled vaccination day at Primary School can book an appointment to get their child vaccinated at the Surgery. If you are in one of the above groups, please book an appointment with a practice nurse via reception. Visit http://www.immunisationscotland.org.uk/vaccines-and-diseases/seasonalflu/index.aspx?utm_source=print&utm_campaign=flu for more information.


Please click on the link for a list of dates we will be closed for holidays and training http://couparangusbluepractice.gpsurgery.net/public-holidays-training-dates-201718/

New Prescription Line

Due to patient demand we now have a dedicated prescription line. The number for this line is 01828 627318 This number is for repeat prescription/medication requests only PATIENTS ARE REMINDED WE REQUIRE 2 WORKING DAYS TO PROCESS A PRESCRIPTION For all other business, i.e. booking an appointment, test results etc… Please ring our main telephone number 01828 627312 We would request patients enquiring about test results to ring after 1.00pm in the afternoon. You will be asked to ring back if you ring before this time.


From the beginning of January we will provide appointments up until 6.30pm as follows: Mondays - GP, Wednesdays - GP and Practice Nurse, Thursdays - GP Some of these appointments will be available to pre-book which should be more convenient for people who work.

 When the surgery is closed

The surgery is closed from 6.00pm to 8.00am Monday to Friday and from 6.00pm Friday until 8.00am Monday, and also for Public Holidays and educational afternoons which will be advised.

For medical advice when the surgery is closed telephone NHS 24 on 111 giving your name, address and contact details.  Trained staff will assess and manage the problems appropriately which may be:

a) arrange advice from a doctor or nurse.

b) invite you to attend a centre to be seen by a doctor.

c) arrange a home visit if you are too ill to visit a centre.