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All GP practices are contracted to provide basic treatment of all people and chronic disease management, eg heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic lung disease, asthma etc. We also provide the following services:

  • Child Health Surveillance and routine immunisation together with the health visiting team and/or practice nurses.
  • Maternity services in the ante-natal and post-natal periods together with the midwives from Perth Royal Infirmary.
  • Contraceptive services which includes implant fitting services.
  • Emergency contraceptive services by practice nurses or doctor.
  • Cervical Smear Programme by practice nurses. A cervical smear is recommended for all women aged 20 – 60 every three years unless they have had a total hysterectomy.
  • Pre-conceptual advice.
  • Travel.  Not all travel immunisations are available on the NHS, please click on the following link for our Travel Advice and Vaccinations information sheet. Travel Immunisations
  • Freezing of warts and other small skin lesions.
  • An annual flu immunisation programme to protect the elderly and those at risk.
  • Regular monitoring, by blood and urine tests, for patients on a range of specialised drugs.
  • Regular monitoring of patients on anti-coagulant therapy.
  • Minor surgery for “lumps and bumps” etc. is offered by the doctors.  They are done at mutually convenient times to patients and doctors and avoid waiting list times for hospital.
  • Minor Injury – to be seen and treated by practice nurse as required.


We are keen to give all our patients who smoke as much help as possible to stop.  Please ask at reception or any consultation for information and support.  Smoking cessation clinics are conducted by the health visitors.

Healthy Eating

A healthy diet does not have to be a boring one. Health experts inform us that we are all eating too much fat, salt etc, but what exactly does this mean? Why not speak to your doctor or nurse or pick up some of our information leaflets so you can enjoy a healthier diet?

Date published: 08/10/2014
Date last updated: 15/07/2016